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Please find posted the link to the May 28th, 2018 Home and School minutes:

Minutes May 28, 2019


Minutes of the Belfast Home and School

Mr. Munro’s Classroom

April 11, 2018

In attendance: Marcella Ryan, Tammy Davis, Michelle Van Colen, Debbie Beck, Maddy Fortune and Lisa Edward

Recorder: Maddy Fortune

  • Welcome – Marcella called to order at 1907h
  • Reading & Approval of Minutes – Approved by Debbie and seconded by Marcella.
  • Business Arising from Minutes
    1. STEAM program $75
      1. Only have 4 kids signed up, needing 10 to run the program
      2. Delaying start date until April 19, hopefully number of students enrolled will increase by that time.
    2. GO! PEI
      1. Grades k-3
    3. Noted there isn’t much programming being offered to Jr High kids at this time, Taliena Howden has offered to do yoga and/or thai massage sessions for those grades while GO! Play is running. She has experince doing this in a school setting and will work on a price/plan.
    4. Book Sale
      1. Debbie to put up fliers in Montague, Coopers, Post Office and Chances
      2. Perhaps we could also have a bake sale to raise money for Kara or for the Easter Seals campaign.
  • Principal’s Report
    1. Grade 10 marks for first semester – excellent results for our former students
    2. Jamie Nicholson has taken a route at MRHS, Jenna Broomfield has filled the position but it has now permanently been awarded to Melynda Drake-Pirch – Welcome Melynda!
    3. Nicole Reeves- Drummond is an itinerant Educational Assistant with us for the next 6 weeks – Welcome Nicole!
    4. Branch has not yet discussed staff numbers for the 2018/2019 school year.
      1. Our projected numbers for 2018/2019 are 109 students, John is hoping we may be able to have a small increase in staffing.
    5. Badminton was a success this year for adults, good turnouts. Nomincal fees of $1 – $2 raised $140 for the PE program.
    6. Ball hockey did not bring out the expected numbers, pickle ball initiated instead with 12 players night one, and only 2 players night two.
    7. School Goals Day is April 13th – School Goals plan is posted on school webpage
    8. School Sports:
      1. Badminton has started for grades 5-9 with tournaments planned for the following two weeks
      2. There may be some interest in Football this year
    9. Parent teacher interviews had good attendance for grades k-6 with an increase in parental attendance for grades 7-9 as well.
    10. 15 skiers attended the ski trip in February, which was a success. Thanks to the H&S for their support!
    11. BINGO was a great success with ~ 140-150 people in attendance. We raised ~$1320.00 between card sales, 50/50 and the canteen.
      1. We received ~$3200.00 worth in prizes
    12. $1000.00 worth of ukuleles were purchased for school from the money donated by the Mt. Buchanan/Pt Prim WI.
    13. The North Pinette/Flat River WI folded as an organization. They donated about $400.00 to the school.
    14. Six computers were donated to the school from the Wood Island’s WI, they will be “earmarked” to go to homes that need that.
    15. Wednesday April 18th, “Talk with Our Kids About Money”, ran by Garth Wade from New Brunswick.
    16. Community Art Program went very well and the students contributed to a beautiful display
    17. There will be school surveys again this year for students, parents and staff.
    18. Mental Health Training Sessions
      1. Teachers are being educated to train other teachers on how to appropriately implement mental health curriculum in the schools for the 2018/2019 school year.
    19. Book Sale – what support is needed from staff?
      1. Teachers will do the bake sale as proceeds will be going to Easter Seals.
  • New Business
    1. Spring Fling
      1. Money raised form BINGO will go towards funding the spring fling as a free event again this year
      2. School with partner with H&S in planning and implementing this event
  • Correspondence
    1. Resolutions rec’d from H&S federation
    2. Annual general meeting is coming up, Tammy and Kyla plan to attend
    3. DAC – Two meetings were missed as Marcella did not receive e-mail with information on same
      1. Marcella contacted moderator to apologize and reviewed minutes with same, there was no new business to note.
      2. Belfast needs a new DAC rep, Marcella will continue in this role until a new representative steps forward.


  • Committee Reports
    1. Grade 9 Travel
      1. Two more nights left of fundraising at the Deuce is Loose, then they will pass the duties onto the Grade 8 class.
  • Next Meeting – Thursday June 5th at 1900h.
  • Adjournment – By Marcella Ryan at 2020h.




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Updated link to the Home and School Minutes for May 28th, 2015

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